Margherita Premuroso is an award winning Art Director, Director, Character Designer, Animator, and Illustrator working on TV Commercials, Short-Films, AAA Videogames and Print Ad Campaigns. In 2012 she has funded with Luca Da Rios INKY MIND, an animation and VFX studio based in Milan and London, where she works as Creative Director. She likes to use a mixture of traditional and digital techniques to achieve unique looks. Her works have been screened and awarded at Siggraph, Siggraph Asia, OneDotZero, Vimeo Film Festival, Tokyo Anime, Future Film Festival and many more.


Saatchi and Saatchi, DLV BBDO,Young & Rubicam, Giochi Preziosi, LegasDelaney, Electronic Arts, Spov, Blue-Zoo, Postatomic, Hometown, Playfish, Playstos Entertainment, Team To, PostOffice, Virtual Fairground, Magic Pocket , Adver performance, Tbwa, Cube Creative, Edda Design, AnimaInstanbul, Graffiti...



Selected Milano Film Festival _1st Prize Cortoonz 2014 _Selected Cartoon on the Bay 2014 _Selected Animayo 2014 _Selected Future Film Festival 2014 _Vimeo Staff Pick _Press on STASH

The NOSTALGIST(Concept Artist)

_1st Prize Giffoni _Selected BFI 2014


_Selected SIGGRAPH 2012, Los Angeles _Selected SIGGRAPH ASIA 2012, Hong Kong _Selected 2012 ANIMA MUNDI _Selected Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2012


_ Winner 2011 1st Prize View Conference Turin _ Selection 2011 Siggraph Asia _ Selection 2011 Mr Hyde Tube festival _ Selection 2012 View Conference Turin _ Selection 2011 Rushes Soho Shorts _ Selection 2011 Bristol Encounters International Film Festival _ Selection 2011 Hyde Tube festival _ Selection 2011 OneDotZero Festival _ Selection 2011 Aesthetica Short Film


_ Selection 2011 Siggraph _ Winner 2011 1st Prize Cartoons Rome _ Winner 2011 1st Prize Tokyo Anime _ Selection 2011 Future Film Festival _ Selection 2011 View Conference Turin _ Selection 2011 Festival Internacional de la Imagen a Manizales _ Selection 2010 Animanima _ Publication 3D World Magazine _ Publication 2011


_ Selection 2011 Milano Film festival _ Selection 2011 Bang Awards _ Winner 2011 AnimazSpot _ Selection 2010 Vimeo Festival Awards _ Selection 2010 OneDotZero _ Selection 2010 Festival du Film Minute de Lille _ Selection 2010 Bradford animation festival _ Selection animation mentor Showcase _ Selection 2011 Cemusa Digital Video Network, New York City ILLUSTRATION _2008 Selected Illustrations published on “Exotique 4” by Ballistic Publishing _2007 Selected Illustrations published on “Exotique 3” by Ballistic Publishing _2005 Selected Illustrations published on “Annual 2005” by Bologna Book Fair _2004 1st Prize in the International Sculpting Contest in Bruxelles _2004 Painting for the “Peggy Beyond” Guggheneim Museum, Venice2003 _2003 Videoclip for the “Children and the Game” by UNICEF

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